Mother Earth Gardens

If you are looking for a garden center specializing in organic gardening, sustainably grown plants and eco-friendly products, you’ve found the place!

In the spring and summer, we sell organic seeds, vegetables and herbs, and are becoming known as the place to go for sustainably grown and knock-your-socks-off annuals and perennials. We’re open year round, with pumpkins and funky decor for Halloween, natural Christmas trees, handmade swags and wreaths for the holidays, and other unique and beautiful products all the time.

This winter we’ll be hosting a series of gardening and related classes, including composting and butterfly gardens. Our customers are incredibly knowledgeable and these seminars are a great place to get to know each other.

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3738 42nd Avenue South
Minneapolis, Mn 55406 USA


612-724-2296 (Main)