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Field Outdoor Spaces

Landscape Design, Landscape Installation, Landscape Maintenance, Turf Alternatives

Field is a small, team-run landscape company based in Minneapolis. We work with our clients to design, install and maintain beautiful and unique landscapes. While most of our work is residential, we also work on commercial projects that offer people a necessary connection with the outdoors at work and in public spaces. Field has won MNLA awards for both residential design and landscape maintenance – our specialties include artisan stonework, rich and varied planting design, raingardens, landscape carpentry and designing creative solutions for small urban spaces. Field works with each client to introduce and advocate sustainable approaches to landscape renovations including maximizing on-site stormwater management and the irreplaceable need for insect and pollinator habitat through native plantings. We have found a particular passion for raingardens. The raingardens we build for our clients sit naturally in the landscape and are the perfect opportunity for natural rockwork, bridges, channels, and an incredible variety of plant material. Raingardens are so intriguing because they are their own natural environment with many niches, crannies, and microclimates. Our clients have enjoyed watching the complex interactions in raingardens as they evolve and unfold through the seasons and years. Please visit our website to see our work and learn more about our approaches and philosophies.

1209 Tyler St NE, Suite 250,
Minneapolis, MN, 55413