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Our Blue Thumb Partners are a collection of public organizations and private companies committed to funding, designing, creating, maintaining and teaching about landscapes that contribute to a healthy ecosystem and clean water. Use the map to find Blue Thumb partners near you, or the Partner Search Form below to filter partners on a wider range of criteria.

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Morning Sky Greenery

Nursery / Garden Center

At Morning Sky Greenery we grow the vast majority of our prairie plants from seed. We take care to produce high quality native prairie flowers and grasses that adapt easily to harsh environmental conditions. Our native plants are not heavily forced for quick sales and mass market. Rather, they are carefully grown; hand watered & fertilized, acclimated, and even overwintered to ensure their healthy growth when placed in a natural setting. We grow our plants using integrated pest management (IPM), which means that we use a variety of methods at our production facility to control insects and diseases. We do not rely on highly toxic chemical pesticides and herbicides to grow our plants.

44804 East State Hwy 28,
Morris, MN, 56267