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Our Blue Thumb Partners are a collection of public organizations and private companies committed to funding, designing, creating, maintaining and teaching about landscapes that contribute to a healthy ecosystem and clean water. Use the map to find Blue Thumb partners near you, or the Partner Search Form below to filter partners on a wider range of criteria.

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Studio Gro, PLLC

Landscape Design, Landscape Installation

Regardless of size or scope, Studio Gro, PLLC, can move your idea forward. Offering comprehensive landscape architecture services, Studio Gro will work closely with you to bring your idea to life.

With over 15 years of experience, Studio Gro can respond to your needs for traditional landscape design, innovative stormwater management, and sustainable design solutions. We are also experienced in providing professional technical consulting services to green manufacturers.

We pride ourselves on providing timely, thorough, and accurate work. So, whether you are looking for guidance on plant selection or need comprehensive design, bidding, and construction support, bring your idea to Studio Gro and let us help you grow your next big idea.

4020 Drew Ave So,
Minneapolis, MN, 55410