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Arisaema dracontium

Common Name: Green Dragon

Type: Forb
Light Exposure: Shade To Part Sun
Soil Moisture: Wet
Height: 3 feet
Bloom Color: Green

More Information

Like its smaller cousin, Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Green Dragon thrives under a variety of conditions, but grows most vigorously in moist, shady, seasonally wet locations. It is deer resistant! The ‘Jack,’ is the spongy cylindrical structure inside a leaf-like structure that is rolled into a deep cup with an overhanging roof, the ‘pulpit’. The whole ensemble somewhat resembles a minister in an old-fashioned pulpit. The fruit are smooth, shiny green, 1 cm wide berries clustered on the thickened spadix and ripen in late summer and fall, turning a bright red color before the plants go dormant.